Our Mission

Humanity connected through cultural understanding, artistic expression, and rhythmic heartbeat.

Advancing the taiko art form by evolving and raising the visibility of SJT's unique style and philosophy around the world.

San Jose Taiko Conservatory

San Jose Taiko's dedication to the development of the taiko art form is evident not only through performances but also in its diverse educational programs. The San Jose Taiko Conservatory includes nationally recognized programs like the highly acclaimed tour residencies and the Junior Taiko program, as well as the Adult Recreational Class, Public and Corporate Workshops, School Outreach Program, Summer Taiko at Stanford, Taiko Weekend Intensives, Summer Internship Program, and Master Classes

Through the San Jose Taiko Conservatory, SJT is committed to providing professional development opportunities, technical assistance, and a comprehensive array of support and information about North American Taiko to individuals and organizations around the world. As the art form of taiko continues to evolve, the San Jose Taiko Conservatory will be dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the ever-expanding taiko community.

San Jose Taiko is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


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