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Arts Presenters Reports listed geographically from West to East

City of Carlsbad - Arts Office (Carlsbad, CA)
 “I can’t comment on artistic merit in this particular residency without examining its unusual aspects. We could not provide a professional facility. This put a huge strain on the company, which had to set-up, perform and strike several times per day. San Jose Taiko was dream-come-true fabulous. They were cooperative, innovative, spirited and generous in demanding circumstances. Never less than dazzling in performance, they reached new heights during the last performance of an exhausting 3-day schedule.”

University of California, Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)
 “A thoroughly delightful residence and performance from this wonderful company! The performance made good use of theatrical technique, variety in staging and spacing, lighting, some hints of narrative, and a communication of the performers' individual personalities. Our audience adored the performance and we were thrilled to have a nearly full house of enthusiastic patrons of all ages and races. It was the first performance in this difficult season to actually meet its attendance and income projections, and we got exceptional media coverage. Residency activities were also very well executed, well organized and informative and made the evening news. The icing on the cake: the company members are simply the nicest, best organized and fun to work with!”

California State University, Chico (Chico, CA) 
“Very professional organization. They had excellent rapport with audience, students and staff. San Jose Taiko is a pleasure to work with, very organized.”

Citrus Community College (Glendora, CA)
“Company and management were great to work with. Both student and public performances were top notch. An audience majority cheered the performers and gave them a standing ovation. I would rebook this company in a heartbeat.”

UA Presents - University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
"Excellent performance; consummate musicians, performing strong but accessible work.  The jazz/taiko combination works extremely well.  Residency activities by Taiko were very strong; all performers were cooperative and fun to work with."

Sundome Center (Sun Cities, AZ)
“You couldn’t ask for a more delightful show – fantastic!”

City of Las Vegas - Cultural Division (Las Vegas, NV) 
“The artists are professional, friendly and easy to work with. They did an excellent job at the workshop and really went beyond expectations. Performance was incredible.”

Popejoy Hall - University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
“We very much appreciated the extraordinary artistry onstage and professional attitude backstage. The program was fantastic and the audience surveys evidenced that this is definitely a favorite. The artists are true professionals and excellent workshop leaders. The company is a delight to work with; they put on a great show."

Peery's Egyptian Theatre (Ogden, UT)
“San Jose Taiko presents a program of music and performance unparalleled by many. Their student show was superb, with an incredible wealth of musical knowledge and background given to the students. The interactive elements of their school program are excellent. Their evening program was extremely well balanced among their music, the visual aspects of the taiko, and the high energy level of performance.”

SW Missouri State University (West Plains, MO)
“This program met every expectation and more. We were familiar with the artform and were most impressed by their skill both technical and interpretive. The group is very knowledgeable with regard to the traditional Taiko, and adept at incorporating world rhythms into their work. Lighting and staging is very dramatic and very effective.”

Quad City Arts (Rock Island, IL)
"The members of San Jose Taiko are warm, energetic and multi-talented people. Their final, formal concert was nearly standing room only and drew tour highest recorded attendance in six years.  All ages enjoyed San Jose Taiko’s style of music and the movement they incorporated into the program. For the school and community appearances I was really impressed with the way they involved the audience. Adults and children loved coming on stage to play the drums. In fact, many students said this was their favorite part. San Jose Taiko gives a performance rich in a cultural heritage that is both an educational experience and entertaining. Everything was spectacular. It is such a pleasure to work with people who are as nice and generous as San Jose Taiko."

Urban Gateways (Chicago, IL) 
“This was a perfect example of a lecture-demonstration for school age children. San Jose Taiko musicians invited 16 students and teachers on stage and gave them an opportunity to play and learn how to play taiko and taiko rhythms. I would love to bring them back to Chicago for a full week residency.”

Ordway Music Theatre (St. Paul, MN)
"The school performances and workshop were outstanding; interaction with the audiences and the presentation of the Taiko art form was terrific, as well."

Alverno Presents (Milwaukee, WI)
"The program was fantastic and the audience surveys evidenced that this is definitely a favorite. The artists are true professionals and excellent workshop leaders. We loved working with them; they put on a great show."

Oshkosh Opera House Foundation (Oshkosh, WI)
"In addition to the contracted residency activity, artists took it upon themselves to talk with and perform for a group of students touring the building during their tech rehearsal. The artists are great to work with, eager to connect with audience, and have tremendous stamina!"

Weidner Center for the Performing Arts - UW Green Bay (Green Bay, WI)
"An entertaining and educational matinee for area schools that generated many letters of thanks - complete with drawings of the children's interpretations. The public performance was equally well received. Performers are disciplined, precise and full of energy. They were very accommodating and conducted a workshop for elementary students, including several who were deaf and blind. This was a very rewarding residency."

Pentangle Council on the Arts (Woodstock, VT)
“Exceptional group – professional, talented and extremely pleasant! The performance exceeded our expectations. The show was the culmination of a month long Japanese Arts Festival. Attendance was tremendous for a rural Vermont community and those in the audience – all ages – leapt to their feet at the program’s conclusion. This show was the ‘talk of the town’ for weeks afterward. Two, first-rate school shows added to the word on the street. Would we book again? In a minute!”

Central Florida Cultural Endeavours (Daytona Beach, FL)
 “Taiko conducted a master class with student drummers – one of the best organized I’ve ever seen. A joy to work with.”