Inspiration by Discovery

Inspiration By Discovery is a project that explores how spaces in San Jose can inspire new taiko ideas.  Audiences are invited to observe this process, as many of the ideas are created in real-time.  All sessions are free and open to the public.  More information below as the project develops over 18 months.

Some highlights from our visits to San Jose City Hall. Looking at the buildings and the layout of the City Hall plaza, we were inspired to try many different ideas taking advantage of the space as well as the interesting acoustics created by the design.

7/19/16 - Final visit to San Jose City Hall. 7:00PM - 9:00PM

6/14/16 - SJT visits San Jose City Hall (with drums!) for site #2 experiments

6/7/16 - Exploratory walk thru of IbD Site #2 San Jose City Hall to generate ideas

Some highlights from our second visit to the Circle of Palms Plaza. Taking advantage of the "in-the-round" layout, we really tried to explore the 360 degree viewing aspect of the arrangements. We also took advantage of the open space above the plaza with some aerial footage!
Join San Jose Taiko at the Circle of Palms Plaza at 7pm on July 28th to see how we gain inspiration from the space to create new ideas for taiko. Inspiration by Discovery is a project we started this year to use locations around San Jose as inspiration for what we can do with taiko.

7/13/15: E-newsletter reminder regarding 2nd visit to Circle of Palms on Tues, July 28.

6/30/15: Twitter posts from our first site visit at the Circle of Palms Plaza on June 25

6/27/15: We've pushed back our 2nd visit to Circle of Palms from July 14 to July 28 since the first visit yielded so many great ideas!  

6/19/15: "Inspiration by Discovery" press release posted (see below)

Inspiration by Discovery Press Release 2015

Performing Company Utilizes Spaces in San Jose to Create Fresh Taiko Experiences

San Jose, CA  June 19, 2015 - What happens when you combine the dynamic music and action of taiko drumming with urban spaces within Silicon Valley?  This is the question San Jose Taiko will be exploring in an intimate rehearsal setting 7:00PM on Thursday, June 25th at the Circle of Palms Plaza in downtown San Jose.  This is a free event open to the public.

“How does our art become transformed by space?” poses Artistic Director Franco Imperial. “Conversely can taiko alter the way a space is perceived?  Someone may walk past this area every day going to work.  Can the infusion of taiko open up our eyes to realize there is this amazing potential surrounding us in San Jose?“

The company plans to trial three experimental sites over the course of the next 18 months pushing their compositional and performance skills with shorter timelines. The first space chosen was the Circle of Palms Plaza between the San Jose Museum of Art and the Fairmont Hotel.  The company plans to visit this inaugural  site twice: June 25 and July 28.  Wisa Uemura, Executive Director explains “During the first visit the company will be experimenting with musical ideas based on the characteristics of the space.   They will be in ‘rehearsal mode’ - very informal with the focus on testing out concepts. We'll have about two short weeks to look at what we've learned and return to the Circle of Palms to perform those concepts."

This project has been made possible due to the generous support from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and The James Irvine Foundation.